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Mono vs. Stereo

Which do you prefer? I think sometimes the difference ca plumber01/27/19
I dunno lol superttthero01/27/19
plumber (Jan 27, 2019 - 3:14 pm)

Which do you prefer?

I think sometimes the difference can be enough that it is like hearing a completely different album. I don’t have a real preference, but hearing both versions can often provide a unique listening experience. I usually keep both a stereo and mono album of the same title in my collection. For instance, I have original pressings of ‘A Love Supreme,’ ‘Kind of Blue,’ ‘Maiden Voyage,’ ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come,’ Chet Baker’s ‘Chet,’ ‘Monk’s Music,’ etc., both in stereo and mono. I just cannot let go of one copy or the other.

Original mono pressings are typically worth a lot more money; not always due to rarity, though. Sometimes, as in the case of Bill Evans’ Portrait in Jazz,’ the mono master tapes were lost or discarded by the record label. A lot of jazz aficionados prefer to hear mono pressings and will pay a premium for them.

If an album was originally recorded in mono and I only have a stereo pressing (fake, reprocessed stereo), I will just flip the mono switch on my preamp to hear a closer approximation of the music as it was originally recorded/intended.

superttthero (Jan 27, 2019 - 4:25 pm)

I dunno lol

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