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Fantasy Prediction: In 2016, Legal Jobs > Graduates

In order to believe this fantasy, you will need to do the fo ichininosan11/22/13
ichininosan (Nov 22, 2013 - 9:38 am)

In order to believe this fantasy, you will need to do the following:

1. Assume the market creates 7,000 more jobs than it does. (34K v. 27K)
2. Assume Barista = Lawyer
3. Assume 8.0% annual drop in admitted students


If you are a self-proclaimed "award winning mediator, experienced teacher, published author, nationally recognized ethicist, and courageous lawyer" this kind of daydreaming isn't exactly a stretch, is it?

In case you are wondering about the author of this "study"'s motives, at Appalachian School of Law, student employment outcomes are stratospherically abhorrent. Of the 2012 graduating class of 91 students, precisely 1 student found the magical biglaw / fedclerk job they will need to unwind the $53,375 annual cost of attending this institution. Of the 35 who claim to be lawyers, 22 graduated into 10-or-fewer "law firms." And then there are the remaining 56 students. I bet they can't wait to get their hands on this groundbreaking study!



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