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Any LLMs admitted to the 3rd Department in New York?

So, a few questions regarding admission to the 3rd departmen latinmuse07/14/17
latinmuse (Jul 14, 2017 - 2:08 pm)

So, a few questions regarding admission to the 3rd department in NY, particularly as a LLM. 1) How long were the interviews (I've heard they are longer or stricter for LLMs), 2) How long did the 3rd department take to review your application? I have confirmation from USPS that they receive the application, and I've seen in other posts (and for other departments) that they promptly (sometimes same day) confirmed via email that they've received it. I haven't received any communications from them since they got it, 3) How strict is the 60 day rule for moral character affidavits? When I sent it, one affidavit was exactly 60 days old and when they got it, it was 61 days, I'm afraid by the time they review it or open it or assign it to someone, it will be older, and they may ask me to get another one or re-do that one. I had issues with one of my prior employers taking FOREVER to send me her affidavit, so I had to wait to send the whole package. It sucks because I have documents dated different months which annoys me if they are super strict with time frames. Any experience with this?

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