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Interview at Federal Reserve

I did the first part of my interview at the Federal Reserve. prodigy05/12/17
prodigy (May 12, 2017 - 2:56 pm)

I did the first part of my interview at the Federal Reserve. I had 2 interviews for 2 separate institution, today, therefore, I did not sleep. I was so anxious. Talking to the old biddy she just ask how does my background align with the job description at the Feds. As attorneys you make arguments and I made it, in England my former prime minister taught us how to use the truth economical. Meaning lie the sh"t out of it and make sure your argument is believable beyond reasonable doubt. Oh and I presented her clear and convincing evidence (fictitious account what I did and how I would do the potential job. I am a blogger. I read up on the job description watched YouTube videos and sold the story.

She asked where did I see the job advertised I said on the fed website. She said you specifically go out of your way to look for it I said yes I have always wanted to work Feds. I admire the company's reputation, the reputation of the key leaders, its current place in the market, the company values, products and services. I am a multifunctional individual with critical analytical skills etc etc and these skills would enable me to make a valuable asset to the company. She is old and could not answer my follow up questions regarding the job function, I researched and bombarded her with 20 questions and explained what they are looking for and I have done it before. She said your background makes a perfect match. She said you may have to travel 30% of the time. I am like that's fine. I thought she was gonna ask me some in depth, questions like what is the current interest rate? Then I would have been phucked. I know nothing about the Feds but I could learn that s""t fast. When i realize that I could control the interview, I was happy. Sleepless night for no freaking reason. It's now for the old hag to put me in front of the old school white boys to be eaten alive.

I hope she put me through to the next round the pay is good and beside I will be on holiday every public holiday. Janet Yellen watch out!!! I am confident us could do the job and drop interest rates for us attorneys. Ha ha ha joking.

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