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Campbell is trying something interesting to get admission up

http://law.campbell.edu/news_articl e.cfm?id=42884&t=campbell jdcumlaude05/10/17
jdcumlaude (May 10, 2017 - 12:46 pm)


The basics of the press release: Campbell Law is offering a practice LSAT at the law school in DT Raleigh.

Okay, nothing crazy about a University offering a practice LSAT. However, usually, the practice LSAT is run somewhere on the University's main campus. Campbell Law is about an hours drive (traffic) from Campbell proper (Buies Creek, NC).

This next part is going down a rabbit hole abit, but please indulge me. Campbell has had a steep drop in matriculants over the past few years, and I think that there is a lot of denial as to why. When I have spoken to members of the administration, career services etc... they have all said the same thing. "a lot of people are not even aware that the law school has moved to Raleigh"...B@&% S#!&....

Campbell is using this LSAT opportunity to get people into the school to see the "bright shiny stuff" Hoping that this will in some way increase enrollment.

Campbell has misdiagnosed their problem. The problem with Campbell is not marketing, it is outcomes. 50% full-time long-term employment as an attorney is not worth the cost of tuition at Campbell (39k last I checked).

What made me believe this to be a marketing ploy by the school was the fact that most Universities, even those without a law school, offer practice LSATs or some form of pre-law group. If their goal was to help the University as a whole, why not simply give the LSAT at Campbell University proper in Buies Creek.

Additionally, the test is being administered by Kaplin Test Prep (at Campbell's expense). It seems that if altruism were the real motivator they would have given the test in Buies Creek to current undergrads (but wait Campbell already has their money).

This is an attempt, by Campbell Law, to bolster their numbers. However, the ploy is poorly conceived, as the issues Campbell is facing do not relate to public knowledge of location, but rather public knowledge of Campbell's output.

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